IADMS is an inclusive organization for professionals who care for those who dance by evolving best practices in dance science, education, research, and medical care to support optimal health, well-being, training, and performance.


Our vision is to build a global community that provides accessible and applicable evidence-based research, resources, and programming that improves the health of dancers and the use of dance to improve health.  

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IADMS was officially formed in 1990, led by Allan Ryan, MD, and Justin Howse, MD, with the goal to enhance the health, well-being, training, and performance of dancers by cultivating medical, scientific, and educational excellence while promoting an active network of communication between dance and medicine. IADMS began as a direct result of the National Dance Association’s Committee on Dance Science and Medicine, which was initiated by Dr. Ryan, and included other notable individuals, including Jan Dunn, MS, Martha Myers, MA, Janice Plastino, PhD, Ruth Solomon, Emeritus, and Robert Stephens, DO.

In 1996, IADMS was registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, organized under the United States of America. As a 501(c)(3), IADMS does not participate in any political activities. All donations to IADMS are 100% tax-deductible.




IADMS is supported by a diverse and international group of leaders and individuals actively connected with the healthcare, research, education, administration, and supervision of dancers.


IADMS board members are elected by its membership to represent the constituency and provide guidance and expertise to advance the organization’s mission.

Nancy Kadel is an orthopaedic surgeon specializing in foot and ankle reconstruction. Her academic interest and passion is the care of dancers. She studied dance and science at Sarah Lawrence College, USA, was a scholarship student at Jacob’s Pillow, and performed with several dance companies. She graduated from the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle, fulfilled her residency training in Boston at the Harvard Orthopaedic program, and completed a Foot and Ankle fellowship at the New England Baptist Hospital. She has taught ballet and modern dance classes, and she has choreographed several works.

In San Francisco, Nancy served as Medical Director of the Healthy Dancers’ Clinic, a free injury prevention and screening clinic for dancers housed in the ODC Dance Commons. In Seattle, she volunteers at the SeaPAM Performing Arts monthly clinic. She has lectured internationally on dance injury prevention and published original research on stress fractures, surgical techniques, and dance biomechanics.

As an IADMS member since 2003, Nancy has attended most of the Annual Meetings, and she has served as an Associate Editor for the Journal of Dance Medicine & Science. She worked to get continuing medical education/CEU accreditation for the Birmingham and Washington, DC meetings. She is currently Co-Chair of the Dance/USA Task Force, and she serves on the Dance/USA Executive Board of Trustees. Nancy sits on the Board of Directors for the Performing Arts Medicine Association (PAMA), and she has recently completed her term as President of PAMA from 2014–2016.
Vice President/President Elect
Kathleen Davenport has been an IADMS member since 2001. As a Physiatrist and Sports Medicine Physician, she has worked toward dancer wellness as Company Physician for Miami City Ballet and in treating studio dancers, university dance students, and professional dancers of all backgrounds.

As the 2020-2022 Co-Chair for the Dance/USA Task Force on Dancer Health, she values collaboration across disciplines and mutual respect across professions. She served as the Co-Chair of the Colloquium on the Clinical Care of Dancers at IADMS 2015, working across disciplines to explore best practices for dancer wellness as well as lecture formats for IADMS members.

Kathleen has been on research protocols since high school and won the Resident Research Award at the University of Washington. As an active dancer and member of her local community, she has worked to found and grow community organizations.
Past President
After moving from being a principal dancer with eminent ballet companies, Peter retrained as a dance educator and an osteopath. Peter is the immediate Past-President of the International Association of Dance Medicine & Science (IADMS), using his dancing, osteopathic, and academic experience to transform the outreach, communication, and dissemination of knowledge by IADMS. Simultaneously Peter is studying for his PhD at Trinity Laban Conservatory of Music & Dance and is head of the Health and Performance Team at the Ballets de Monte-Carlo and the dance and health Scientific Adviser of the Pôle National Supérieur de Danse Rosella Hightower in Cannes/Mougins, France, as well as being the President of the Association Danse Médecine Recherche in Monaco and France.
Claire Hiller is a physiotherapist who worked for many years with adolescent dancers. She is now a Senior Lecturer at the University of Sydney, Australia and researches in the areas of dance for health, and musculoskeletal health with a focus on ankle injury. She is passionate about fostering collaborations in the dance field to further evidence-based practice for dancer health, the use of dance for health, and indigenous dance forms.
She has been a member of IADMS for many decades and has served on the Research Committee and the Board. In the past, she organized the Physical Therapy Special Interest Days at the Annual Conferences.
Director-at-Large (Professional Member)
Zahra, a Washington, DC. Native is a dance educator advocating for safe dance environment guidelines, funding for dance classes, onsite or local dance healing practitioners, and acceptance for many minority dancers. Teaching an array of dance genres to students that may not have been exposed to or otherwise can afford to take in a private dance studio is an honorable duty of service. She created a dance healing education entity by combining dance education, dance science, performing arts medicine, wellness, and dance conditioning with the hopes of opening a Dance Healing Clinic & Studio. A space to utilize the whole-person approach to stabilize, maintain, and improve our beautiful black and brown dancers. Zahra joined the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science in 2006; the goal was to immerse herself in cultivating ways to heal dancers while diversifying the dance science culture. After attending five conferences, it was clear that she was within a beautiful tribe, ready to make her voice heard, her presence felt, and a community representative. She happily joined the Safe Dance task force and the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion task force to provide a minority dance educator’s point of view on two underserved issues within the IADMS community. With the assistance of IADMS, the growing foundation in holistic healing performing arts is leading toward her elaborate dream of becoming a leading African-Native American Dance Healing Doctor.
Director-at-Large (Professional Member)
Jill is a faculty member at West Virginia University, Dance Science Emphasis Area in the Exercise Physiology department. She has 6 years of IADMS leadership experience; 4 as the Student Representative on the board of directors (2017 - 2021) and 2 years as a Student Committee member (2012 - 2014). Clinically, Jill is an athletic trainer, with experience working in three performing arts clinics around the United States including for Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas, Nevada. During her time as the IADMS Student Representative (2017 - 2021), she worked closely with the Student Committee in developing and participating in programming for students, redesigning and enhancing the utility and aesthetics of the IADMS Instagram, and assisting in student-focused proposals such as the Mentorship Program. As a board member, Jill has assisted with the Journal of Dance Medicine & Science, Strategic Planning, Conference planning, and has served on two board committees (Finance & Ethics). Her vision for IADMS is to be a connecting organization between existing dance medicine and science organizations and to support the development of budding dance medicine and science networks. She supports IADMS producing more materials to directly help dancers and dance educators, such as scientifically-supported videos, texts, and blog posts. She has and will continue to push for more translated materials to enhance the global community of IADMS. Jill’s passion in the field is access to healthcare for all dancers; specifically supporting the development of flexible and robust dancer health networks in order for dancers of all genres and financial abilities to have access to and receive quality care.
Director-at-Large (Professional Member)
Lauren Elson, MD is board-certified in sports medicine and in physical medicine and rehabilitation. She attended Tufts University School of Medicine, did her residency at New York Presbyterian Hospital Columbia/Cornell, and completed a fellowship in Sports Medicine at Stanford University. She is currently the Director of Dance Medicine at Spaulding Rehabilitation and an Instructor at Harvard University.

She is a former professional dancer and instructor of jazz, ballet, tap, hip-hop, African, swing, and salsa, and she has danced with Cambridge Dance Company since its inception in 2012. Currently, she is the chair of the Freelance Dancer Committee on the Dance/USA Task Force on Dance Health. She has lectured nationally and internationally on dance health and injury prevention to dancers and professional organizations and has recently published an introductory textbook for physicians interested in treating artists: Performing Arts Medicine.
Director-at-Large (Professional Member)
Gayanne is a dancer, dance educator, author, researcher, and a physical therapist specializing in performing arts medicine. She works with dancers of all levels from professional to amateur. She served International Association for Dance Medicine and Science (IADMS) on the Board of Directors (BOD) for over 12 years (6 two-year terms) and was recently reelected to serve a 7th term. Gayanne is on the BOD of the Bridge Dance Project whose mission is to liaise the commercial and competition dance world with experts in dance medicine and science. Gayanne is adjunct faculty for Johns Hopkins University Peabody Institute. She is the Director of Dance Wellness and an adjunct professor for Muhlenberg College Department of Theatre and Dance. She wrote the textbook: Dance Science: Anatomy, Movement Analysis, Conditioning and is Editor-in-Chief of the IADMS Bulletin for Dancers and Teachers. She published original peer reviewed research most notably on turnout and tibial torsion measurement in dancers, authored the hip chapter for the American Physical Therapy Association’s (APTA) monograph on dance medicine, and the chapter on career transitions for the National Dance Association. She has given lectures, scientific presentations, grand rounds, and movement-based workshops in Europe, Asia, Canada, and the United States of America. She helped design the dance curriculum for the certification course in Performing Arts Medicine for Performing Arts Medical Association (PAMA) in conjunction with the American College of Sports Medicine, has been faculty from 2018 to 2021, and chaired the dance track in 2019. Gayanne served the APTA Performing Arts Special Interest Group on the BOD and as chair of the Nominating Committee. She also served the APTA as a content expert for the Performing Arts Practice Analysis that helped the APTA declare Performing Arts Medicine a specialty. Gayanne received a Presidential Award for the keynote speech at the National Dance Association’s (NDA) Annual Conference in 2012. She was awarded fellowship status by IADMS for excellence in research and contributions to the field in 2014. The National Dance Society presented Gayanne with the Advocate Award Honoree for advocacy in the dance field in 2018. Gayanne’s physical therapy experience includes the Pennsylvania Ballet, the University of Utah Departments of Ballet and Modern Dance, Muhlenberg College Department of Theatre and Dance, Temple University Department of Dance, and the Princeton Ballet School. Gayanne’s teaching and curriculum design experience in universities includes anatomy and kinesiology, research methods, modern dance technique, and dance conditioning. Gayanne has devoted her professional life to the health, wellness, and education of performing artists.
Director-at-Large (Professional Member)
Matthew Grierson, MD is a board-certified physiatrist with subspecialty certification in sports medicine. He holds a BFA in modern dance from the University of Utah and has received his medical degree from Boston University School of Medicine.

Dr. Grierson is Medical Director for the Seattle Clinic for Performing Artists and is a co-founder of a free clinic in Seattle that provides free medical care to uninsured or underinsured performing artists. He is an active member of the Dance/USA Taskforce on Dancer Health and served as a member of the IADMS Development Committee. He has a strong commitment to principles of public health and has helped influence healthcare policy through service on county and state medical society boards as well as through work as Speaker of the Washington State Medical Association House of Delegates and as a representative to the American Medical Association.

His clinical practice serves as a resource for dancers across the spectrum of age, ability, and function. Dr. Grierson cares for professional dancers from the Pacific Northwest Ballet, Whim W’him, and Spectrum Dance companies and works with university dancers from Cornish College of the Arts and the University of Washington. He holds a clinical faculty appointment with the University of Washington Department of Rehabilitation Medicine and is involved in teaching residents and medical students, helping to usher in the next generation of dance medicine professionals.
Director-at-Large (Professional Member)
Megan is an acupuncturist and an athletic trainer who specializes in manual therapy and functional training. For the past 21 years she has provided backstage coverage to numerous dance companies and Broadway shows and has presented on issues related to athlete's and dancer's health and rehabilitation both nationally and internationally. Megan first joined the IADMS community as a college student attending the Annual Meeting in Hartford Connecticut in 1998. She has been an active member ever since: attending and presenting at many conferences, sitting on the Membership and Development committees, as the host city conference coordinator in 2002, and a reviewer for the Journal of Dance Medicine and Science. She is honored and excited to contribute to the organization as a Board of Directors member.
Director-at-Large (Professional Member)
Nefeli has obtained the: BSc Physical Therapy (European University Cyprus), BA French Literature (University of Athens), MSc Dance Science (Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music & Dance), MA Choreography (Middlesex University), and Diploma Sports Massage Therapy (Sports Therapy UK). She is the Founder of Project Breakalign since 2013, an international, interdisciplinary research project for Breakers and hip-hop dancers, specializing in physical conditioning and injury prevention. The project received a grant from the CND in France for the creation of the Breakalign Methodology (2015-17), a supplementary conditioning program for Breakers. Project Breakalign research, lectures, and therapy have taken place worldwide in universities, conferences, dance camps such as also Catch the Flava, Outbreak, Red Bull BC1, IBE, Street Style Lab, and more. Nefeli has served in the Dance Educators Committee of the International Association for Dance Medicine & Science (IADMS) between 2017-2021 and is currently on the Board of Directors of IADMS (2021-2023). She is also an assessor for Safe in Dance International in Greece and the UK. Her work has expanded from a professional dance career in breaking, hip-hop dance theatre, to becoming an educator, lecturer, researcher, and also currently a physical therapist and injury prevention specialist for dancers. She is also a Scientific Collaborator at the European University Cyprus Medical Department, the organizer of the Cyprus Dance Science Conference and the Cyprus Hip-hop Dance Theatre Platform since 2018. Nefeli’s work has received scholarships, grants, and awards, including the Sports Therapist of the Year Award 2018 by the International Federation of Holistic Therapists.
Student Representative
Elizabeth Yutzey started contemporary dance training in Columbus, OH before continuing to study dance at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA, where she completed a dual BA (Hons) in Dance and Anthropology. Since then, she has performed with various local dance artists and showcased her own choreography in Lancaster, PA, and London, UK. Elizabeth came to Dance Science after briefly working professionally as an archaeologist with a specialization in bioarchaeology. She has since completed her MFA in Dance Science at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London, UK. Her research focuses on evaluating methods of measuring creativity in dance science and was presented as a poster at the 2018 annual IADMS conference in Helsinki. Elizabeth recently completed her role as Dance Science Graduate Intern for Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, which included administering musculoskeletal and fitness screenings, lecturing MSc Dance Science students on laboratory methods, and leading various dance science workshops to young dancers and university students across the UK. Elizabeth has been a member of IADMS since 2012 and Chair of the Student Committee since 2018.
Cecil C. Conner, Jr.
Advisory Board Member
Cecil C. Conner, Jr. is a native of Greensboro, NC. He studied at the University of Vienna in Austria, received his BA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and his LLB from Columbia University School of Law. Mr. Conner is a retired US Navy Lieutenant.

Mr. Conner retired in 2012 after 17 years as Managing Director of Houston Ballet. He currently serves on the boards of American Festival for the Arts, Dance Source Houston, Houston Arts Alliance, the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science, Theater District Houston, and the advisory boards of the Menil Society and the Performing and Fine Arts Society of the University of St. Thomas. He previously served on the boards of the American Guild of Musical Artists Retirement and Health Fund, Career Transition for Dancers, Dance/USA (Chair), Houston First Corporation, the National Association of Regional Ballet, the Texas Institute for Arts in Education, and Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts in New York.

Mr. Conner served as Executive Director of The Joffrey Ballet from May 1992 until April 1995, as the Executive Director of the Pauline Koner Dance Consort from 1976-1981, and as an agent with Tornay Management in New York. He has served on grant panels for Federal, State, and local arts agencies. He also has lectured on dance at Rice University and the University of Houston.

Mr. Conner’s background in the arts is complemented by his extensive law background. From 1980 – 1995, Mr. Conner served as managing partner of and later of counsel to Mandelbaum, Schweiger & Conner in New York City. Previously, Mr. Conner was with Goldman Sachs & Co., and Simpson, Thacher & Bartlett, both in New York.
Thérèse Oetgen Clemens
Advisory Board Member
Thérèse Oetgen Clemens is a Certified Association Executive (CAE) with over 20 years of progressive roles in nonprofit management. She has served multiple international and USA nonprofit organizations as executive director and has a special interest in board and organizational development.

In 2021, Clemens served as a consultant on the IADMS Ethics Committee Structure and Function Workgroup that created guidelines presented to the board as recommended best practices.

Clemens earned her Bachelor’s degree in Theatre and post-graduate study in Theatre Management from the University of Georgia. She has the honors of receiving the President’s Award from the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation (ISSTD) and being the namesake and inaugural recipient of the Therese O. Clemens Advocacy Award that is presented to the lay individual or organization outside of the field of psychiatry or psychotherapy who, through their continuing efforts and dedication, has advanced the Mission and Vision of the ISSTD.
Kathryn Rovegno
Advisory Board Member
Kathryn Rovegno is a HR professional with over a decade of experience in leading global Human Relations teams. She is currently a leader with Viatris based out of Pittsburgh, PA. She specializes in organizational design, transformation & strategy and has led global teams in Talent Management, Talent Acquisition, Total Rewards, and People Insights. Her most recent initiatives focus on evolving HR functional models to deliver business solutions through data-driven insights. She currently holds HRCI SPHR & SHRM-SCP credentials and is working towards her GPHR.

Kathryn’s educational background includes a bachelor’s degree from Youngstown State University and a master’s degree from Kent State University focusing on Exercise Science and Sport Management respectively. Her research focused on therapeutic modalities for female swimmers, while she was certified through the ACSM. She worked professionally in the outdoor adventure industry for many years before transitioning to a career in Human Relations.

Her vision as an advisory member with IADMS is to leverage both her educational and professional background to provide insightful guidance and knowledge. She hopes to serve the organization in a capacity that furthers its vision and best serves its members.
Krina Turner
Advisory Board Member
Krina Turner has dedicated her career to performing arts organizations raising vital funds to further their life-enhancing missions and programs.

She grew up in studios and on stages and graduated from the University of Wyoming with a BFA in Dance Performance in 2012. Since graduating with her MFA in Arts Leadership from Seattle University in 2014 she has worked full-time in fundraising and leadership positions in the Pacific Northwest.

Currently she resides in Portland, OR and is serving as Oregon Ballet Theatre’s Major Gifts Manager contributing to a $2.2M contributed revenue goal. Upon relocating to Portland from Seattle in 2019-2021 she worked as Director of Patron and Donor Relations for Profile Theatre where she worked to raise $800,000 annually and led the organization's digital engagement efforts through the pandemic.

Before relocating to Portland, she served as Executive Director for Seattle’s award-winning contemporary dance company, Whim W’Him. Before that, she worked as Capital Campaign Manager for Seattle Opera’s $28.5M capital campaign to build the Seattle Opera Center. Krina worked on the fundraising team for ArtsFund where she managed grants, corporate relationships, workplace giving and oversaw a cohort of 120 fundraising volunteers who raised funds for 50+ Puget Sound arts organizations.

For more than a decade she has volunteered and worked in development, communications and production departments for many esteemed dance organizations including Repertory Dance Theatre, Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company, Velocity Dance Center, Khambatta Dance Company and Spectrum Dance Theater.
Ex-Officio Board Member
atin P. Ambegaonkar, Ph.D. AT OT CSCS FIADMS is a Professor in the School of Kinesiology, College of Education and Human Development at George Mason University. He is the founding Co-Director of the Sports Medicine Assessment Research and Testing (SMART) Laboratory at George Mason University.
Dr. Ambegaonkar is the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Dance Medicine & Science, serves on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Athletic Training, and is a reviewer for over 25 different professional journals.
He has published over 80 articles and given over 130 regional, national, and international conferences presentations. He is a co-editor for the pioneering textbook in the Dance Medicine and Science field titled: Research Methods in the Dance Sciences:
Dr. Ambegaonkar has secured over $ 5.5 million in funds over 30 different grants from multiple sponsors including federal, state, professional organizations, and local foundations (e.g., National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Americans for the Arts (AFTA), and Virginia Department of Health (VDH) to support his work. Professionally, Dr. Ambegaonkar is a Certified Athletic Trainer, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and Occupational Therapist.


Members of the Board Committees are drawn from voting and non-voting members of the Board of Directors. The standing Board Committees include the Executive Committee, Compensation Committee, Finance Committee, Governance Committee, and Nominations Committee


The Executive Committee will consist of at least the President, Vice President/President-Elect, Past President (non-voting), and Treasurer of the current Board of Directors. A key role of the Executive Committee is to keep under review the Certificate of Incorporation and Bylaws of the Association and to make recommendations for their amendment to the Board of Directors as they feel such to be necessary.



Nancy Kadel, MD, President

Kathleen Davenport, MD, Vice President/President-Elect

Peter Lewton-Brain, DO, MSc, Past President

Claire Hiller, PhD. PT, Treasurer


The Compensation Committee is responsible for reviewing the compensation of all staff and making recommendations for their amendment to the Board of Directors as they feel such to be necessary.




Kathleen Davenport, MD

Zahra Carpenter, BFA

Jill Descoteaux, PhD, AT


The Finance Committee will support the Treasurer in reviewing financial reports and documents and with any other financial decision-making. The treasurer reports directly to the board. 



Claire Hiller, PhD, PT


Lauren Elson, MD

Jill Descoteaux, PhD, AT

Megan Richardson, MS, Dipl Ac, LAc, ATC, 



The Governance Committee is an ad hoc committee whose purpose is to assist the Board in fulfilling its responsibilities through adequate governance policy development, evaluation for necessary Bylaws changes, overseeing the Board’s performance, and/or ensuring compliance with legal entities and guidelines. 



Matthew Grierson, MD


Cecil C Conner, LLB

Kathleen Davenport, MD

Nefeli Tsiouti, MS, MS, PT



IADMS Operational Committees are staffed by volunteers appointed by the Board of Directors. The Committee's roles are clearly defined under our Bylaws

Jennifer Deckert and Joe Bowie
Co-Chairs, Dance Educators' Committee
Jennifer Deckert is currently an Associate Professor of Dance at the University of South Carolina, where she teaches ballet technique, dance kinesiology, and pointe technique. She has an MFA in ballet performance, choreography, and research from the University of Utah. Her research interests include integrated breath awareness, dynamic alignment, and the incorporation of wellness based training into the classroom. Her choreography credits include A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Cinderella, Dracula, and an original collaborative physical dance theatre Kiss Romeo, Bang! Juliet, among others. In 2015, she was invited to present work at the 3rd Beijing International Ballet and Choreography Competition in Beijing, China. She has taught master classes and created works at numerous institutions and festivals throughout the United States, Europe, and China.
Born in Lansing, Michigan, Joe Bowie started dancing while a student at Brown University. After graduating, Bowie moved to New York City to pursue a dance career and danced professionally for more than twenty-five years. In NYC, Bowie danced and toured domestically and internationally with the world-renowned Paul Taylor Dance Company and Mark Morris Dance Group. After retiring from performing, Bowie devoted much of his time to educating dancers in higher education. Bowie was an Assistant Professor of Instruction in the Dance Program at Northwestern University and Instructor in the Department of Theatre and Dance at the University of South Carolina (Columbia Campus). Bowie actively engages in the dance science and dance education communities and serves on the: Educators’ Committee (Co-Chair) and Intersectionality Task Force of IADMS; and the Justice, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (JDEI) Workgroup and Action and Accountability Council of the National Dance Education Organization - NDEO. Bowie earned his A.B. with honors in English and American Literature with an Independent Concentration in African American Poetry from Brown University and is currently a Dance MFA candidate (’24) and Graduate Teaching Assistant at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.
Chair, Dance For Health Committee
Transitioned professional dancer, choreographer, opera director to Chi Kung practitioner, therapeutic masseur, international holistic wellness managing director and author.

Today, Clare’s specialist work translates Attentional Focus research findings for direct daily dance practice. Findings are adapted as easy to use, complementary tools for dancers, dance educators and healthcare practitioners. Attentional focus strategies enhance the physical and mental performance of pre-professional, professional dancers and equally that of all dancing publics. Clare teaches AF workshops and class at Finnish National Ballet & School, Ballet de L’Opèra du Rhin, Houston Ballet, The Royal Ballet, L’Ecole Superieure de Danse de Cannes et Marseille, Opèra de Paris-Opèra Université. She lectures on Older Adult Dance Practice for the MAS Dance Science programme, Bern University, Switzerland, for the University Côte d’Azur, France and for the Royal Academy of Dance.

Director of the European ‘Dance & Creative Wellness’ Foundation, Clare leads an international benchmarking initiative for the dance for health sector and lobbies for the validation of dance in innovative preventative healthcare.
Gregory Youdan
Chair, Development Committee
Gregory Youdan Jr. is the 2022-2023 Dance Anatomy Teaching Fellow at The Juilliard School, assisting Irene Dowd. He is an adjunct faculty at CUNY Lehman College and Hollins University. As a dancer, Greg performed with NY Baroque Dance Company, Sokolow Theatre/Dance and Heidi Latsky Dance, where he is on the board. He is a Wertheimer Fellow through Mark Morris Dance Group’s Dance for PD® program, a member of the Latinx Dance Educators Alliance and Project Breakalign. Greg served as a research scholar at Brown University and worked as the research and advocacy coordinator for Dance/NYC. Greg serves on the research committee for the National Organization for Arts in Health and the review board for the Journal of Dance Education. Greg has also served as a panelist for the National Endowment for the Arts. He earned his BA in Dance from Hofstra University and dual Masters from Teachers College, Columbia University in Motor Learning and Applied Statistics.
Chair, Physician Committee
Dr. David Popoli is a board-certified physical medicine and rehabilitation and sports medicine physician. He completed a medical residency at Harvard and a sports medicine fellowship at Boston Children's. He has previously collaborated with the Boston Ballet and the Atlanta Ballet, USA Cycling, and the US Olympic Training Center. He currently serves as an attending physician in the Department of Orthopedics at Wake Forest Baptist Health and as consulting physician with the University of North Carolina School of the Arts (Winston-Salem, North Carolina).

Dr. Popoli has a strong interest in exploring and implementing multidisciplinary care—specifically the creation and deployment of treatment teams with diverse training backgrounds (PT, MD, PhD, ATC, DC, etc.) with an aim to optimize care for dancers.

He has been the chair of the organizing committee for the 1st/2nd City of Arts and Innovation Dance Medicine conference in Winston-Salem; previous speakers have included Lyle Micheli, MD, Susan Jaffe, Marijeanne Liederbach, PhD, and Jennet Zerbe.
Chair, Professional Development Committee
Matthew Wyon, PhD, is a Professor in Dance Science at the University of Wolverhampton, UK and a Visiting Professor at the Division of Surgery and Intervention Science, Institute of Orthopaedics and Musculoskeletal Science, University College London and ArtEZ, Institute of the Arts, The Netherlands. At Wolverhampton, he is the course leader for the MSc in Dance Science and Director of Studies for a number of dance science and medicine doctoral candidates. He is a founding partner of the National Institute of Dance Medicine and Science, UK. Prof. Wyon is a past chair of the Research Committee for the International Association for Dance Medicine & Science. He has worked with numerous dancers and companies within the UK and Europe as an applied physiologist and strength and conditioning coach. He has published over 90 peer-reviewed articles in dance medicine and science.
Co-Chairs, Program Committee
Kelli Sharp is an Assistant Professor of Dance at the University of California, Irvine's Claire Trevor School of the Arts. Sharp is also the co-director of I-move in the Stem Cell Research Center. Her research interests injury prevention and wellness for dancers, rehabilitation strategies for neurological disorders, motion capture systems, and functional magnetic resonance (fMRI).
Osmala is responsible for the operational and developmental aspects of the physio team as well as offering versatile medical and coaching services for the company dancers. She has been the president of DHF (Dance Health Finland) organization for the past ten years (2010-2020). Currently, Osmala is completing studies in Sports science at Jyväskylä University.
Sarah Needham Beck and Mandi Moore
Co-Chairs, Promotion Committee
Sarah Needham-Beck is a Research Fellow in Exercise Physiology at the University of Chichester, UK. Her primary role is within the University’s Occupational Performance Research Group, where she conducts research related to the selection, training, and performance of personnel working within physically demanding occupations. In addition to this, Sarah is involved in the delivery of the BSc/MSci Dance Science program at Chichester, teaching across Physiology and Research Methods modules and supervising student research projects. Sarah is also undertaking research in collaboration with colleagues in the University’s Dance Department investigating areas including the training load of dance students and the physiological demands of professional touring.
She received both her PhD (2017) and MSc (2010) in Dance Science from Trinity Laban, following her BSc in Sport and Exercise Sciences (2009) at the University of Exeter.

Amanda "Mandi" Moore is a choreographer, researcher, dancer, collaborator, and graphic designer. She holds a Master of Fine Arts - Dance Choreography from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro and a Bachelor of Science in Education - Dance from Bowling Green State University. She has taught at various universities, including Stephen F. Austin State University, North Carolina State University, Elon University, and The University of North Carolina Greensboro. Mandi is also an executive board member and social media manager for Theatre of Movement. Her research focuses on dance injuries in collegiate dancers, along with their access to health care and self-efficacy.
Chair, Publications Committee
Jacqueline is a Performing Arts and Dance Science lecturer in the United Kingdom. She has a Bachelor’s in Dance Studies and a Master’s in Dance Science from the University of Wolverhampton. Over the last few years Jacqueline has utilised these to integrate healthy dance and wellbeing practice within her contemporary dance teaching and lecturing. She has taught in a variety of settings including recreational dance schools, Further and Adult Education and most recently in a vocational Performing Arts School in Wiltshire. Jacqueline has served as a member of the Publications Committee since 2018 and has been the Associate Editor and Editor of the Newsletter during this time.
Danielle Jarvis
Chair, Research Committee
Danielle Jarvis received a B.S. in Athletic Training and Exercise Science with a minor in Dance from Ithaca College, an M.S. in Kinesiology (with an emphasis in Dance) from California State University, Northridge, and a Ph.D. in Biokinesiology (with an emphasis in Biomechanics) from the University of Southern California. Dr. Jarvis is an Associate Professor of Kinesiology at California State University, Northridge, where she teaches courses in biomechanics, athletic training, and dance science. She is the director of LEAAP (Laboratory for Evaluating Athletic & Aesthetic Performance), where she conducts biomechanics research and oversees projects run by CSUN graduate and undergraduate students. Her research interests are in movement coordination during skilled athletic activities. Specifically, she studies joint demands during jumping movements and her current research focuses on lower extremity biomechanics during dance jumps. Dr. Jarvis also regularly choreographs and performs with the Los Angeles-based dance company LA Unbound.
Melissa Mishkin
Chair, Student Committee
Melissa Mishkin is a student at the Trinity Laban where she is pursuing her MsC in dance science. She plans to graduate in December 2023. Previously, she attended the University of South Carolina where she graduated in 2022 with a bachelor's degree in exercise science. While there, she helped form the school’s first dance science club, Carolina Dance Science. Melissa has been a member of the IADMS Student Committee since 2020, Co-Chair of the Student Committee since 2021, and Chair since 2022.


Our Operational Committees work on the short and long-term goals driven by the strategic plan and vision of the organization. Each committee has a specific purpose and works closely with the Board of Directors and IADMS staff to accomplish their goals.


The Dance Educators' Committee provides educational resources for dance teachers, dance students, parents, and dancers; and promotes healthy discourse between them and the allied health practitioners who provide their care. The committee is responsible for the development of the Annual Conference's A Day for Teachers; oversees the annual Dance Educator Award; and produces IADMS resource papers, blog posts, and posters. Read the full Dance Educators' Committee Charter here. 



Joe Bowie, BA

Jennifer Deckert, MFA


Janine Bryant, MA, BFA, SFHEA

Stephanie De'Ath, MSc

Claire Farmer, MSc

Liza Kovacs, MSc

Ellie Kusner, MSc

Elin Lobel, PhD, GCFP, CMA

Andre Megerdichian, MFA

Ana Ramos, MSc

Michelle Schachtler Dwarika, MA, MAS

Astrid Sherman, FISTD

Heidi Hiu Tung Yu, MFA, MSc


The Dance for Health Committee is an interdisciplinary team of teaching artists, dance educators, researchers, and healthcare professionals. The committee promotes innovation in research and best practice, bringing together the healthcare and dance sectors to facilitate the implementation of dance-based interventions within evolving health and social structures. Advocating for dance as a life-long partner for health and well-being, the Dance for Health Committee builds collaborations among multidisciplinary stakeholders to influence national and international dance for health policy. Read the Dance for Health Committee Charter here. 

Dance for Health provides holistic, evidence-based activities for the individual to manage and adapt to physical, mental, and social health challenges. In Dance for Health sessions, trained teaching artists engage people as dancers, rather than patients, in joyful, interactive, artistic practice.



Clare Guss-West, MA


Åsa N. Åström, BA

Rebecca Barnstaple, PhD, MA

Erica Rose Jeffery, PhD

Emily Jenkins, MA

Kai Kumiyo, MFA

Nicoletta P Lekka, MD, PhD, MSc

David Leventhal, BA

Fran Anthony Meyer, PhD

Hanna Poikonen, PhD

Andrea Schärli, PhD

Rachel Ward, PhD

Elinor Harrison, PhD

The Development Committee is responsible for global fundraising efforts that contribute to the financial stability and growth of the organization. As a not-for-profit, IADMS relies on its supporters; the Development Committee fosters these relationships for all levels of support and across a variety of fundraising initiatives. Read the Development Committee Charter here. 



Gregory Youdan, MA, MS


Martha Waugh, MA, BA

Beth Ackroyd, MS, BA

Rileigh Goldsmith, BA, BFA

The Physician Committee works with IADMS staff, the Program Committee, and the Professional Development Committee to organize and produce accredited courses that provide continuing medical education (CME) credits for physicians on the topic of dance medicine, including the Annual Conference’s, A Day for Physicians. Read the Medical Committee Charter here



David Popoli, MD


Philip Bauman, MD

Carolyn Keeler, DO

Megan Meier, MD

Lyle Micheli, MD


The Professional Development Committee identifies the educational and accreditation needs of the dance medicine and science community to develop resources, online courses, and other initiatives that satisfy gaps in the field. Read the Professional Development Committee Charter here



Matt Wyon, PhD, MSc


Danelle Dickson, PT, DPT, BS

Steven Karageanes, DO, FAOASM

Nico Kolokythas ASSC, MSc, PhD

Elaina Manolis, PT, DPT, GCS

Claudia Mölders, MFA, MAS

Josef Pace, MS, BS

Mandy Zhang, MD

The Program Committee is actively engaged in the planning process for the Annual Conference and Regional Meetings. Further, the committee monitors feedback from members and attendees to ensure high-quality programming is produced to address the needs and wants of the IADMS constituency. Read the Program Committee Charter here.



Johanna Osmala, PT

Kelli Sharp, DPT


Courtney Gleason, MD

Judith Peterson, MD

Ines Pinto, MD, PhD, PSYD

Juncal Roman, MSc

Matthew Wittstein, PhD


The Promotion Committee contributes to the international profile of IADMS by producing and disseminating marketing materials on behalf of the organization. The committee manages IADMS's social media platforms, creates announcements for meetings and events, and produces the IADMS blog. Read the Promotion Committee Charter here



Sarah Needham-Beck, PhD, MSc

Mandi Moore, MFA


Sam Beckman, MFA

Maria Haralambi, PhD, MS, BS

Stacey (Anastasia) Kipouridis, MPHTY, BSc

Emma Sng, BS

Leanne Steel, MSc

The Publications Committee is responsible for editing and approving the content of IADMS publications, including the newsletter, The IADMS Bulletin for Dancers and Teachers, resource papers, and posters. The committee also reviews all outgoing messaging, handbooks, Annual Conference documents, and marketing materials. In addition, the committee is responsible for maintaining the IADMS author guidelines and ensuring compliance with them in all official IADMS publications. Read the Publications Committee Charter here



Jacqueline Dimmock, MSc


Elizabeth Agre, PT, DPT

Meredith Butulis

Louise Cabral, MSc

Frances Clarke, PhD, MSc, BA (Hons), PGCE, SFHEA

Allison Jackson, DPT

Lynnette Khoo-Summers PT, DPT

The Research Committee aims to promote and strengthen research excellence within the dance medicine and science community and encourages the dissemination of scholarly research among researchers, educators, and healthcare practitioners. The committee adjudicates the Student Research Award and Student Researcher Travel Fund as well as the IADMS poster competition at the IADMS Annual Conference. The committee Chair, in cooperation with current Fellows and the Board of Directors, informs the Fellowship of IADMS( FIADMS) process which recognizes individuals with esteemed professional achievement, skills, knowledge, and service to IADMS and the dance medicine and science community. Read the Research Committee Charter here



Danielle Jarvis, PhD, ATC


Manuela Angioi, PhD

Amadine Blackman, MA

Allison Seifert Gonzales, PhD, CSCS

Catherine Haber, MSc

Dirk Hartog, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS

Mayumi Kuno-Mizumura, PhD

Aline Nogueira Haas, PhD

Angela Pickard, PhD, MA

Alycia Fong Yan, PhD

Nili Steinberg, PhD

Tom Welsh, PhD

The Student Committee strives to develop a strong network of students and recent graduates in the field of dance medicine and science. The committee provides networking opportunities, professional development resources, and connections for students all over the globe in an effort to meet the needs of future professionals in the field. Read the Student Committee Charter here.



Melissa Mishkin, BS


Vivian Corey, BFA

Katherine Elder

Nicole Greene-Cramer, BFA

Caroline Joy, BS

Alissa Nehrlich, MSc, BA

Stephanie Pittman, MSc

Vanessa Reiser, BS

Ella Sanders, BS

Mackinsey Shahan, MS, RDN

Yurina Tsubaki, PT

Sarah Vella


Our staff is dedicated to the execution and support of IADMS's mission and strategic objectives as outlined by the Board and respective Committees.

Executive Director

Leigh Ponniah, MA, MSc, joined IADMS in 2016. In her role as the Executive Director, she oversees the administration and strategy of the Association. She works with the staff, Board of Directors, and Operational Committees to reinforce current and develop new programs and services that serve and represent IADMS's mission and vision. Prior to joining IADMS, Leigh spent 10 years at the NYU Langone's Harkness Center for Dance Injuries as a Program Coordinator for Education and Marketing. There she developed a number of educational programs for the dance and medical community, provided lectures and workshops on the topic of kinesiology and injury prevention in dance, and helped to increase the visibility of the Center. Leigh received her MSc in Dance Science from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London, UK in 2006, and in 2012 she graduated with an MA in Performance Studies from New York University's Tisch School of the Performing Arts. Leigh has a number of national certifications in fitness training through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, KettleBell Concepts, and Athletics and Fitness Associates of America. She has also served on the Board of the New York State Dance Educators Association and presented her research at a number of international conferences, including the American College of Sports Medicine, National Dance Education Association, and IADMS.
Programming & Marketing Specialist

Sutton Anker has a strong passion for teaching: dance technique, dance science/wellness, Pilates, and creative movement classes for all ages and abilities. Her interest in dance medicine and science began at the University of Wyoming where she earned her BFA in 2013 in Dance concentration of Science. In 2015, Sutton graduated with her Masters of Science in Dance Science from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London, UK. Sutton has presented two of her mirror research studies including her Master’s thesis, An Investigation of Pedagogical Rationales for Current Mirror Use in a Ballet Technique Class at the 2016 IADMS conference in Hong Kong. Sutton’s personal and academic interest in pedagogy and advocacy for safe dance practice is what drew her to be a Safe in Dance International (SiDI) Registered Provider. Alongside teaching dance technique at a local studio, Sutton is a BASI Pilates instructor educating and working with individuals, and dancers, on their personal wellness. In 2019, Sutton joined IADMS as the Program and Marketing Specialist to assist teams across the organization to plan, coordinate, and implement successful conference programming and marketing campaigns.
Colette Dong
Administrative Assistant

Prior to joining IADMS, Colette pioneered the Dance Science Program at Elon University where she received her BFA in Dance Performance and Choreography and BS in Dance Science. While still in school she completed an internship at NYU Langone's Harkness Center for Dance Injuries which began her career combining movement, athletic training, and fitness + wellness. After performing professionally with Touch Performance Art for four years, she harnessed her entrepreneurial spirit in 2019 when she founded the ness, a dance-based, movement-focused fitness method that offers workouts both on and off the trampoline. With an NYC studio and an international digital platform, the ness continues to grow with Colette as CEO. As a thought leader in the wellness industry, her expertise has been featured on the Today Show and E! Daily Pop as well as in Goop, Vogue, Well + Good, Business Insider, and the New York Times.
Information Technology

David Allen joined IADMS in 2014 to select and implement a new conference abstract management system. After a successful implementation, David was invited to assume Webmaster of the association. There, he was responsible for managing the website, the new abstract system, and the IADMS email system, along with other technologies. During his time with IADMS, David has helped incorporate new processes, notably an overhaul of the conference registration system. David works closely with the Director of Operations, the Program & Marketing Specialist, and the Program Chair to create a website experience that is seamless for all IADMS website users.

Since studying computer science at The Johns Hopkins University, David has worked successfully with several non-profit organizations to build and maintain award-winning websites and user interface experiences. His skill sets as a programmer and web developer have given him the opportunity to broaden his role as webmaster with other IADMS projects. As a classically trained pianist, David has been able to combine his professional and personal skills and is proud to support the IADMS mission.
Information Technology

Doobie Moseley has worked with IADMS since January 2019. He has been working in all areas of Information Technology since 1987 but specializes in computer programming. He's also a huge Disney fan and founded a popular website for Disney fans. He has been married for 22 years to the love of his life, Rebekah, and has an 11-year-old son, Gideon. He currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area of California.

Blair is married to her husband of 41 years, Michael. They have two daughters and 5 grandchildren. Growing up as a dancer, Blair hopes someday that one of her grandchildren will enjoy it as much as she does. Blair continues to utilize her dancing experience and volunteers her time to teach dance exercise/stretch classes at her church. After college, Blair began her career as an auditor for the Navy Exchange at the now-defunct Alameda Naval Air Base in Alameda, California. This, along with many other educational and career opportunities and experiences, led her to establish her Accounting/ Consulting firm over 25 years ago. She is a certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor which provides her with the expertise to work with small to mid-sized corporations, non-profits, and sole proprietor businesses. She assists businesses with management, budgeting, and planning, as well as QuickBooks software set-up, training, and on-going support. Blair specializes in set-up, repair, reorganization, and maintenance of financial systems. She has also conducted forensic auditing in cases of unusual accounting activities, such as employee fraud and embezzlement. Blair enjoys working closely with her clients, teaching them and their employees the most proficient and up-to-date financial systems and software.

Interested in serving IADMS in a leadership capacity?

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