Safe in Dance International


Safe in Dance International (SiDI) believes that it is the right of everyone involved in dance to teach, study, train, rehearse and perform in a safe and supportive environment. With this in mind, we support, develop, encourage, and endorse the implementation of healthy dance practice worldwide.

Whether you know it as Safe Dance Practice, Dancer Wellness, or Healthy Dance Practice, Safe in Dance International aims to ensure a better, longer, more effective, and less injured dance experience for anyone who dances, whether professionally, in competition, or purely for pleasure.

SiDI, with the support of international dance science experts and organizations, including IADMS has developed the international benchmark standard for Healthy Dance Practice for anyone working with dancers and for dancers themselves. We endorse good and best Healthy Dance Practice/ Dance Wellness for individuals as well as in organizations and colleges.

We do this by offering: 

    • Certification of the knowledge and understanding of the 10 core principles of Healthy Dance Practice

    • Courses, both online and in-person

    • Endorsement of good and best practice in Healthy Dance Practice

    • A service to develop and endorse healthy practice within college, university programs 

    • Advice and support to professional companies to improve dancer health

    • Embedding our certification within university programs All of our courses and certificates award continuing professional development (CPD).


Safe in Dance International (SiDI) has a unique partnership with IADMS to offer Healthy Dance Certificates at a discount.* These certificates are ideal for dance educators who wish to advance their knowledge to create safe, healthy dance training programs for their students of all levels.

To purchase the SiDI certificates at discount please click here.

All pricing is in GBP, however, you can pay through pay pal or credit card which will convert to whichever currency you use.

*Due to COVID-19, SiDI is offering an extended discount to the general public.


SiDI and IADMS have worked together since before the launch of its certificate program in 2014. IADMS endorses SiDI’s core principles and its Certificate program. Since 2019 SiDI and IADMS have had a formal partnership. Working together to support their individual and joint missions.

If you would like to know how this partnership might benefit you as a member of IADMS in undertaking the SiDI certification or by becoming and SiDI Registered Provider please contact maggie@safeindancecom.

Safe in Dance International works internationally across all dance sectors, genres, and communities. For further information visit