Strategic Plan 2022 - 2025

Strategic Plan 2022 - 2025

As a result of the Strategic Planning Workgroup's retreat in October 2021, the IADMS Board of Directors has adopted its new Strategic Plan. The plan's objectives have been outlined in four main priorities with actionable goals set forth to achieve each spanning the next three years:

I. Discover Value(s)

II. Financial Stability

III.Community/Global Engagement

IV. Infrastructure & Process

Click here to follow along with the 2022 - 2025 IADMS Strategic Plan accomplishments and next steps! *This will be updated quarterly

IADMS would like to thank its leadership, the strategic planning workgroup, and the community at large for your participation in the planning process!

Strategic Planning Workgroup 

Joe Bowie

Louise Drysdale

Andrea Kozai

Jia Xi Lee

Nicoletta Lekka

Sofia Ornellas Pinto

Ana Paola Ramos

Hanna Pohjola

Emma Redding

Myriam Sillevis Smitt

Paula Thomson

Gregory Youdan, Jr.

IADMS Leadership



Special Thanks

We would like to thank those on the IADMS Board of Directors who served on the Strategic Plan Update Task Force:

Matthew Grierson, MD (Chair)

CC Conner, LLB

Jill Descoteaux, PhD, AT

Gayanne Grossman, PT, EdM

Nancy Kadel, MD

The 2021 IADMS Strategic Planning has been supported in part by: